Episode 5: Predictions of a Pass/Fail Step 1 Era


A featured guest, Neal Kucera, and I discuss the USMLE proposal to change step 1 to pass/fail. We talk about how this change could affect students, residencies, curriculum, and other aspects of medical school education. We address how this could also affect applying to competitive specialties like urology.

USMLE Change Announcement

Episode 3: Step 1 Plan


I go over the details of my schedule throughout the semester before my board exams. I go over the different question banks, practice exams, anki decks, and other resources. I tell you which ones I used, what I liked or disliked, and other resources that I never used, but are available. I end the episode by going over why I didn’t achieve the board score I wanted and advice if I was able to go back and do it again.

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